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SKINFRéSH is an organic face and body care product range formulated with nature’s essentials that naturally nourish and feed the skin. Here at SKINFRéSH, we believe that it is all about skin health, and with our vegan-friendly and biodegradable product range we are friendly towards our fur friends and the earth too. Each product is uniquely formulated to provide the essentials for all skin types and ages and carefully research the properties of each individual ingredient that feeds and cares for the skin on a daily basis. All our products are endorsed by BWC (Beauty without cruelty). We formulate our products using only the highest quality certified plant-based ingredients. Our products are free from artificial colorants, fragrances, and harsh chemicals. We believe that if it is not good enough to eat, it’s not good enough for your skin. “It’s all about skin health,” because “Healthy skin is glowing, radiant skin.”
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