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ELIXIRMUNE is a 100% natural and 100% organic immunity building and balancing health and well-being probiotic elixir that is a unique blend of a combination of 40 naturally occurring soil-based probiotic strains that are rich in the perfect ratio of fulvic and humic acid required by the human body. The natural medicinal and anti-microbial properties of these soil-based organic elements are thought to bolster your body’s immune defense against illness and infection. ELIXIRMUNE is a liquid artisanally bio-fermented soil-based probiotic (SBO) that is handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a potent health supplement that can alleviate even the most chronic immunity deficiency-related infection and disease. ELIXIRMUNE Gut Guard is a potent natural alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medication that powers up your body’s immunity system to help fight bacterial, fungal, and viral infections the way nature has done for millions of years. ELIXIRMUNE Gut Guard creates a “rain forest” of good bacteria in your gut that fight the bad bacteria that cause illness and disease.
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